Here’s you will find resources about the Polaris Head.

Facebook group: Polaris -Camera Controller Global Group

How to upgrade the Benro Polaris Head?

The upgrade process is not smooth as intended. What most people says is that you should :

How to put put the Polaris Head to the home position?

Go to the Polaris App, then double tap the two virtual joystick buttons at the same time. The head shoud start and find its home position.

How to switch off the Polaris Head?

Just hold the red button on the Polaris Head until it beeps.

How to park the Polaris Head?

Switch off the Polaris Head by holding the red button until it beeps. Then press again the Red button until it starts to beep and park.

Where is the video tutorial for Polaris Head?

How to calibrate the Polaris Head in Astro Mode?

When the app asks for calibration, take you Tablet or your Smartphone parallel to the ground and facing in the opposite way of you camera direction and then set the calibration process.

Then you type on the star icon with a magnify on it, select any astronomical object that you know and type the Goto Button. The Polaris Head will move toward the object in the sky. With the two virtual joystick buttons, you can adjust the precision and then click on the Confirm button on the screen.

How to set the Polaris head to Astro mode?